Dreams come true

Image credit: Pinterest

Hello little kitten with butterfly wings,

You are curious about so many things.

What have you there?

Look inside and continue to stare.

You have found yourself in the land of Gerblocken,

Where magic happens to those who come a knockin’.

According to legend this flower reads the minds of all creatures on earth.

It discovers their deepest desires and for what it’s worth,

It will only grant wishes to those whose hearts are pure,

Never to those who have malice, of that you can be sure.

So keep gazing at it and soon you will find out,

Is it merely a legend or is it true without a doubt?

Look, little kitten, it’s true, turn around!

For there lies an enormous platter of tuna fish on the ground!

Written in response to:

Sadje’s what do you see prompt #15