Dear Body,


It’s your immune system here.

I know you think of me as a wise guy and a nag sometimes, but we gotta talk.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little down. You know, like the time 2 years ago when you got that awful stomach bug?

Yeah that was a doozy. But we beat it!

Right now I’ve noticed you’re not really going anywhere much. Which means I’ve got nothing to do. I’m bored.

Listen, we gotta work in harmony here; what I’m saying is I don’t mind you taking supplements and herbal tinctures to give me strength. As a matter of fact, I appreciate it.

But you gotta expose me to something.

Well, not covid 19, I need to battle that like I need a hole in my head!

But what about flus, colds and other viruses?

Go out, take a walk, smell some flowers please!

I could use a little distraction you know.

Just saying, throw me bone, will ya?

Waiting in anticipation to your response.


Your body’s natural defenses


This was written in response to:

Eugi’s causerie weekly prompt: harmony