About Us

We are just 3 wild and crazy jews! (Italian and British too, OY!!). We are good friends who have known each other for years and have written plays and skits together for amateur productions in our home town. We have talked a lot about blogging for a long time and now we are finally “following through!”

Team member Caroline has begun a new chapter in her life, she is doing stand up comedy at local venues and is gaining a sizable audience. She calls it her “mid life comedy crisis.”

Team member Linda is the group administrator, she is the one interacting with fellow bloggers on a daily basis and writes poetry. Linda was a teacher in her former life and had often written skits and poems for her students.

Kenny, our third team member, is a USPS worker by day, and to avoid going “postal” he is a writer by night. He created The Jewish Godmother character, and we work collaboratively on that.

Caroline and Linda often have “mis-adventures” and work together to blog about them. Our goal: to make this “fakakta” (yiddush for ‘crazy’ or really messed up) world just a little funnier, one story at a time! Life is short and laughter is the best medicine, so find the humor in life!