They say he was a legend,

A great captain of the seas.

For he always loved an adventure,

And the company of thieves.


He set sail one stormy night,

The rage of it was brewing.

Under the bright light of the moon,

He said he knew what he was doing.


‘O’er there!’ cried the ship’s first mate,

They couldn’t believe their eyes,

The swells of the ocean were enormous,

They could sense their approaching demise.


The storm was just too mighty,

He knew they were doomed from the start.

The ship clearly never stood a chance,

This captain met his end for following his heart!

Sadje’s what do you see # 26


Eugi’s Causerie weekly prompt: Legend

Image credit- Pixabay- Annca

Sometimes it takes courage to admit

That we need the comfort of others

To get us through these seemingly peculiar times

We may see ourselves as lone wolves

Independent warriors in need of no one

Able to brave the unknown

Strong and mighty

To fight the battles that are approaching

Without a shoulder to lean on

Or a comforting embrace

But the time does come

When we seek what is familiar

It is with whom we already know and love

That we find our joy and peace.

Written in response to:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: “warrior”


Sadje’s what do you see #25


Eugi’s weekly prompt: “courage”

In the Enchanted Forest,
Try to imagine if you are able,
Mushrooms so enormous,
You can use them as a picnic table!

In the Enchanted Forest,
You will find so many delights,
Fairies with wings that glimmer,
As they fly to the greatest heights!

In the Enchanted Forest,
Just believe me if you please,
There are trees that can uproot themselves,
And walk around with ease!

In the Enchanted Forest,
There are berries of red and blue,
There is an abundance of them available,
So, pretty please bring back a few!

In the Enchanted Forest,
Be cautious and be smart,
It is truly a world of wonder,
But it is not for the faint of heart!

In response to Sadje's #Whatdoyousee prompt:
In response to Eugi's Weekly prompt: glimmer