The Interview

Standing in line for the interview as nervous as can be,
The young woman was hoping to get the job you see.
Behind the door were 4 superheroes she admired,
For today a new member of their team was to be hired.

Their specialty was working with children of a young age,
Saving them from peril and disasters that rage.
For Superheroes come with a variety of powers and skillsets,
She was afraid that hers wasn’t good enough for the requirements to be met.

With great trepidation she walked into the room,
And she admitted to herself that she felt a slight sense of doom.
Her hands were shaking and her throat was dry,
But she told herself that she had to at least try.

They perused her resume then looked at her with despair,
Then the hero in charge said, “It seems as though your power is quite rare.”
He continued, “But you can’t save a child from an earthquake or a fire,
So why should it be you whom we hire?”

She knew this was her one chance to prove her worth,
For not many people are given such a powerful ability from birth.
She stated, “Yes sir, I know those things I cannot do,
But allow me to speak freely about a disaster that is new.”
“A ‘new’ disaster,”
The hero in charge asked her.
“Yes,” She replied and went on to say,
“There is a different kind of danger in the world today.
It’s not the same type of scariness to which we are accustomed,
It comes from within and I feel it causes great destruction”.

“It is called anxiety and it is striking the minds and hearts of the very young,
And if you’re asking for my opinion, something needs to be done!
For I can fly like a fairy and hang from the trees,
Sit on benches and railings sideways and be very carefree.
I will entertain them as I hang upside down, flip and fly through the sky,
This will bring them a moment of joy nobody can deny.
I can even carry them in my arms but only if they let me,
I will be very careful you see.
They will have laughter and mirth, happiness and relief,
Their burden will be lifted and they will feel no more grief.
If I could help a child suffering and in need,
Then I have the greatest superpower indeed!”

The panel of heroes sat there in awe and were inspired,
For they never knew about this danger and all said in unison, “You’re hired!”
The young woman was so happy she could barely contain her glee,
She knew in her heart that this was where she needed to be.

This was written in response to Sadje’s What do you see prompt: