Sunday Writing Prompt: Headlines

In response to MLMM Sunday writing prompt: Take a headline and turn it into a poem

Also in response to: Fandango’s One Word Challenge: sweat

I chose the headline from the Tuscaloosa News:


Millennials, what is this I see?
Your health is worse than Generation X. I wonder, how could that possibly be?

They say that overall my generation feels pretty swell,
And that yours feels worse and doesn’t eat well.
You also suffer from more anxiety and depression,
Well, at least that is the impression!

I’m trying hard to comprehend your situation if I dare,
Perhaps it’s all the computer usage and social media,
That leads to your isolation and despair.

You are more sedentary, that is true,
Which may cause higher rates of chronic illnesses for you!

Our generation drank from hoses,
And we wiped our own noses.
We were told to go outside and play,
We ran around our neighborhoods every day!

No one ever asked how we were feeling,
We climbed trees and bumped our heads until we were reeling!

This is definitely cause for concern that much is true,
So listen to the generation that precedes you.
Put the device down more often,
Before you end up too early in the coffin.

Go outside, breathe fresh air,
Lie down in the grass without a care.
You don’t have to succumb to life’s pressures and ills,
Exercise, break a sweat, engage with others and just chill!