Teddy Bears are still #1

Yeah, so I’m a teddy bear!

You think I’m not good enough?

Do you think I have an easy life?

Not really! First, they stuff you,

Then, they sew you up.

And finally, it’s on to the toy store.

Oh yeah, I’m so cute anybody’s going to buy me, you say.

But once I’m bought,

Thats when the real work begins.

I’m actually the original support animal,

In case you were wondering.

Nowadays, they have real ones.

And people are allowed to bring them everywhere they go!

Let’s be clear here, I don’t think I’m going to become obsolete,

But it’s hard to compete with an animal that’s real.

Still, I have qualities you’re not gonna find in a real animal!

Which makes me still the top choice for companionship.

I don’t need to eat or to go to the bathroom,

I don’t bark or meow or make any comments at all,

I am extremely easy to maintain,

You don’t have to bathe me in a bathtub,

I can just go in the washing machine.

I do not poop or pee.

I’m extremely soft and cuddly too.

Yet, don’t you dare think that my job is easy for one second.

I work hard to keep my place in my owner’s heart!

I have to be listening all the time,

I need to enjoy being cuddled constantly.

To the point where I feel like I’m being crushed,

Even when I’m not in the mood!

But that’s a small price to pay to do what I do.

I give hope and I give love.

I even hear secret thoughts.

I am a sounding board and I am a source of strength.

Also, I can be packed in a suitcase to save time, money and effort!

I’m definitely the practical way to go.

So we will just have to agree,

Teddy bear wins every time!


Sadje’s writing prompt what do you see #17

Thank you Sadje for these wonderful prompts!