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Right now I am not who I seem,

I appear to have it all,

But I find myself on the precipice,

Struggling, holding on, trying not to fall.


A tear gently rolls down my face,

As winsome memories are seen in my mind’s eye,

I could never imagine this outcome,

Nor could I be prepared to say goodbye.


I thought I had done everything right,

Now the life is sucked out of me,

Happiness seems like an evasive idea,

Feelings of failure surface with abounding fury.


Should I have chosen a different path?

Thoughts of each road not taken, each bridge uncrossed,

Causes my woefulness to grow stronger,

As I think of chances that I have lost.


Who knows what could have been.

Or what lies ahead,

The only solution is move forward,

And grasp the light instead.


I have to believe,

There was a reason for our love.

That not a single moment was wasted,

That it may have been a plan from above.


For there is a meaning to everything,

I see it as clear as day,

In the eyes of our children,

It gives me comfort and keeps my pain at bay.


Before walking down that path,

Before going down that trail,

As you cross that bridge,

Think of me and prevail.


The chances you take in life,

May not have the outcome you had hoped for,

But go where your heart may lead,

And in mistakes, some goodness will occur.


This was written for:

Eugenia’s weekly prompt: winsome


And for Sadje’s What do you see #19