“Stay Inside”: Sung to the Tune of “Frozen”:

No one on the streets tonight
Trapped in my flat I’ve been
A Kingdom of Isolation
And it looks like I’m the Queen
The Virus is raging, a coughing storm outside
I couldn’t stay in, Heaven knows I’ve tried
Don’t let them in, don’t let them near me,
Be the safe girl, you always have to be
Covid, go away, don’t let them know
Well, Now they know!
Stay Inside, Stay Inside
Can’t go outside anymore
Stay Away, Stay Away
Turn away, and Slam the Door!
I don’t Care what they’re going to say
Let the Virus rage on…
A cold never bothered me anyway!
Stay Inside, stay inside
Can’t go outside anymore
Wash your hands, Stay Away!
It’s funny how some distance makes the Virus seem OK
And the sneezes that once controlled me, can’t get me at all….
It’s time to see what I can watch
To test my Netflix limits and break through
No night, no NEWS, for me
I’m Trapped!
Stay Inside, Stay inside
I am one with the Fridge and Pie
Go away, go away
You’ll never see me Die
Here I sit, and here I’ll stay
Let the Virus rage on….
A cold never bothered me anyway!