Covid Dream: An Ode to BC 19 (Before Covid 19)

To the tune of I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables

Sang by our lovely and talented friend, Andrea.

Lyrics by Caroline and Linda

There was a time when the world was kind

The air was clean and inviting

There was a time when we were blind

To the virus

And the virus that was coming

There was a time BC 19

Then it all went wrong

I dreamed a dream of times gone by

Before covid 19 and quarantining

I dreamed that I rarely shopped online

And never bought buttloads of toilet paper

Then I was young

And so naive

And paper was made and used and wasted

There was no sanitizer to be made

No masked used twice, no bleach was tasted

But the fevers come at night

Then you panic that you have it

As they say you can’t be tested

And they tell you to go home

Social distancing is a bitch

Now my days are filled with endless boredom

Corona took my social life in its stride

We thought it’d be gone when summer came

And still I dream of dinner parties

That we will live our lives together

But covid said that cannot be

And there is nowhere that we can gather

I had a dream my life would be

So different from this hell I’m living

Every day is groundhog’s day to me

The same again and again and again