What do you see?


She has a quiet strength that is unsurpassed,
Yet she remains unaware of its intensity.

She holds the fires of her loved ones’ worries in her hands,
She is there for them during the moonlight hours.

She uplifts the ones she cares for,
She heals them when they succumb to illness.

She nourishes their hungry bellies,
She works intently on satisfying their needs.

Her love knows no bounds,
she gives it freely.

She nurtures without hesitation,
The weight of it all rests on her shoulders.

She effortlessly bears it,
And does not question why.

She is formidable and true,
And expects nothing in return.

Her beauty radiates from within,
She is cherished by those around her.

She is the first one you turn to when in need,
She is Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister and Friend.

You know her and you love her,
And perhaps you may even be her.

This was written in response to:

Sadje’s #whatdoyousee #13