Araki Photograph Studio

Oh misery and disdain,

Here it comes again.

I must shut my eyes extremely tight,

As it peeks through the curtains very bright.

That doomed Monday morning sun,

Reminding me that the weekend is done.

I respond by shielding my face,

To protect me from its suffocating embrace.

Excuses to stay in bed,

Are haphazardly running through my head.

But remembering the demands of the day,

Prevents me from lying here and wasting away.

I rise up and into the kitchen I saunter,

Then I reach for the hot pot on the counter.

The only way to assuage my anguish and despair,

Is to drink my caffeine laden elixir without a care.

This is written in response to:

MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie photo challenge #299