One Liner Wednesday

“America smells like armpits and leather.”

This quote I have shared with you came from a perfect stranger whose name I do not know. One day I walked into a small hardware store while vacationing in a sleepy town in North Carolina. At the front counter there were several oddly named candles on display. I saw one that was called ‘America.’

Obviously my curiosity was peaked so I picked it up and took a whiff only to be met with a scent that was not pleasant at all! It did not surprise me of course, because really how do you sum up America in a smell anyway?

After putting it down, I started perusing the other candles. Just then, a young woman came up next to me, saw the candle, picked it up, smelled it and exclaimed “Oh my, America smells like armpits and leather?”

Enough said!

By the way, if you know a way that a candle can sum up the smell of America without being unpleasant, please share!


Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday